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Legal practice is changing. Lawyers are increasingly digital and increasingly mobile. Legal Walkers understands Technology and Law. We are building the bridge to the Future.

Software for Legal Pratice

Technology Consulting

Online Investigation

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Technical Opinions for Public Procurement

We support lawyers and public entities in the technical analysis of Specifications and Proposals received.

Technological Support
in Due Diligence

We support lawyers in all aspects involving technology in a Due Dilligence process.

Technological Support in Criminal and Civil Proceedings

We support lawyers in all aspects involving technology in civil or criminal cases.

Software Development

We create the best technological solutions for your needs.

Online Investigation

We investigate people and subjects using Open Source Intelligence techniques


We provide technological training to lawyers in this new Digital Age


Códigos de Direito (CD) is the mobile application that has dozens of Law Codes of Portugal and Brazil. You can consult the law wherever you are.
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